Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Travel Pictures & Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all my friends have a Happy Thanksgiving! These are some more pictures from our trip to the Outer Banks this past summer. I am finshing up some paintings from this trip and a Tennessee trip and will post the results soon.

This is the coastline at Ocracoke Island. Because no development is allowed on the beach, you can look all directions and see nothing but beach, dunes, and ocean. It feels like you are miles from civilization and it is a great place for quiet relaxation, or in my case, painting!
This is Cape Hatteras lighthouse at the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. We stopped off at the various lighthouses on the Outer Banks on our way home from Ocracoke Island.

Here is a shot of a beach access walkway on Ocracoke Island. The island has a quiet beauty to it and I have many photos and reference sketches to use in the future. I am thinking about a whole series of NC Coastal Paintings.

This is Bodie Island Lighthouse. Unlike Cape Hatteras, this lighthouse is not located near the coastline, but near a waterway in the salt marshes surrounding the Outer Banks area.
Hope to show some new paintings soon. I have been painting for Christmas exhibits, but just haven' t got those images uploaded yet. Will do soon hopefully!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Summer Travel Pics, Outer Banks

Well, after a long abscence I am back. I promise to try and be more regular with my posts! My schedule is extremely hectic with working a full time job and having a second career as an artist. Add to that trying to keep up with our energetic 19 month old, and blogging time is last on the list sometimes!

Anyway, as the weather gets colder here, I thought I would post some pictures from our summer travels. I will do this over seperate posts to spread out the different trips. Hope you enjoy them. These are some pictures from a trip to Ocracoke Island back in July at the Outer Banks of NC.
The pictures have descriptions under them.

My wife Lucinda and our cutie Sophia enjoying some great food at a restaurant overlooking the harbor.

This is a view of some North Carolina barrier islands. I took this shot as we were riding the ferry to Ocracoke Island. Ocracoke feels like it is a world away from everything. It was a great place to vacation and paint.

This is similar to the type of car ferry we had to ride on to get to the island. Our daughter loves the water and she was thrilled with the ferry ride.

A shot of me and Sophia in front of the beautiful Ocracoke lighthouse. Ocracoke Island has a great history of pirate stories. It was one of Blackbeard's places to store his loot.

We stayed in this lodge which had just been redone in many of the rooms. This is the oldest hotel on Ocracoke. If you are into high rise condos, then Ocracoke isn't for you. The island has mostly lodges, inns, Bed & Breakfasts, and small hotels, but you won't see any high rise condo towers!
I will post some paintings from this trip as soon as they are finished.
As always, email me with comments or questions about my work!