Monday, February 21, 2011

Small Study and moving the Studio

Tennessee Landscape Study

5" x 7" Acrylic on Canvas

$50 Unframed

email me at if interested

This is a small landscape study I did the other day from some pencil sketches and photos from a Tennessee trip. I have been doing a lot of these small studies lately and am working on some larger pieces, but just haven't completed anything lately. I do these small ones just to keep my brushes moving. Been fighting a cold since last week too which has made me feel like lying around instead of painting.

Also, I just recently moved my home studio from a large spare room downstairs to a smaller common area space upstairs. I am moving so we can make the spare room into a playroom for our daughter. The toys and everything keep growing even though we purge items when we can, so we thought giving her a playroom would help with that. I can paint in a smaller space, I am just having to store items like shipping supplies, frames, and canvas in the closet downstairs as I don't have room to keep a large work table set up anymore.

Anyway, I am all set up in the new space and you should be seeing more new work soon!