Sunday, May 03, 2015

Church Commission work and blog announcement

Church commission in progress - still a lot to do!

I have been busy painting away trying to produce some new larger paintings for some gallery exhibits and submissions. The above painting is an in progress commission for a collector and friend in New Jersey. I still have several hours to go and this image is of a church that got washed away in Hurricane Sandy. This is how the church appeared years ago before development along the beachfront.
The image was taken quickly on my phone so forgive the angle of the canvas, the church really is in proper perspective! I believe this painting will hang in the new church once completed. How cool is that? I love being able to do what I love and am glad when people see beauty in the work.

Also I have posting to this blogger blog for several years, and I am going to leave it up so people can see the archived work, but I will be mostly posting at my integrated blog on my website here. So vist my website at to see my new posts!