Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plein Air Painting at the De St. Aubin home

Painted last weekend with our plein air group at the De St. Aubin home in Siler City , NC. It is a large beautiful property with pasture land and a large pond and beautiful gardens. I will be doing more paintings in the studio from the sketches and photos I took.

Well known North Carolina artist Rebecca Patman Chandler painted with us too. I have always loved her work. Sorry for the grainy scans here. I scan small pieces and lately my scanner isn't filtering out the texture of the panel.

"Pond Reflections"

8" x 6" Arylic on Panel

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"Summer Haybales"

6" x 8" Acrylic on Panel

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Quick Rural plein air study

"Reidsville Farm"

6" x 8" Acrylic on Panel

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Did this quick study by the side of the road the other week when I was in Reidsville delivering paintings to a gallery. I didn't have much time because they were mowing along the side of the road. Sorry for the quality of the scan. I will shoot a pic with my camera and repost later. The scanner seems to be picking up on the texture of the panel.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painting at Chinqua Penn

Had to deliver some paintings to the Art Link Gallery at the Chinqua Penn Plantation in Reidsville, NC a couple weeks ago. I painted some small studies on the property and also did a sketch or two of some farms around the area. I will post the other studies when I get a better picture of them.
"Shady Spot at Chinqua Penn"
5" x 7" Acrylic on Canvas on Panel
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This is my smallest paintbox that I use when I need to travel light and won't be doing large pieces. It's a modified cigar box that mounts to a tripod. I strap a larger palette to it because the palette on the box is a bit small.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Traveling and Painting

Hello all! I have been absent from the blog here for a few days, but I AM PAINTING. I promise! The small sketches below I did in Bear Creek, NC with our plein air group. The property we painted on was huge and beautiful, complete with gardens pasture land and a huge Southern style plantation home at the end of a long driveway.
Our hosts were so gracious and I will be going back soon I hope!

The next post will have some plein air studies and photos from my trip to Reidsville last week.

"Country Road"
6" x 4" Acrylic on Canvas on Panel
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Painted on the back road behind the house.

"Spring Blooms"
7" x 5" Acrylic on Canvas on Panel
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The property had all of these great flowers in bloom beside the woods. I simplified and captured them quickly before the light changed. I will probably alter the composition and do a larger studio piece of both of these studies.