Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorry for the abscence, trip to Chinqua Penn

The front of the Chinqua Penn Plantation House

Lucinda and Sophia

Me and Sophia in front of the art gallery

Lucinda and Sophia in front of the clock tower, or as Sophia calls it "The Princess Castle"

Sorry for the abscence from the blog lately, but life has been a bit busy. My wife's aunt that was battling cancer passed away and we have been visiting with her sister who took care of her as much as we can. Also, we had a big 3rd birthday party for my daughter this past weekend, and now I have some sort of flu bug/stomach acid reflux thing that has kept me from eating anything substantial for the past 3 days. So anyway, haven't had much painting time to say the least!
I am working on some larger studio pieces that I will show soon, and I hope to get out there to do some plein air painting this weekend.
My wife, daughter, and I visited a cool place this past week. We went to Chinqua Penn Plantation in Reidsville, NC. It is an amazing historical property that was once a private residence. You can tour the house, and enjoy the hundreds of acres of land around it. There are gardens, and many things to look at, and an art gallery among other things. The pics are at the top of this post

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A time for family

Hello all my blogger friends. I will post some new things I have been working on soon. I have sort of stepped back from my painting for a while to spend more time with my family. My wife's aunt that has been battling cancer for the last couple years is getting weaker and the all of the family has been by her side between the visits from the Hospice nurse. Please keep our family in your prayer during this difficult time.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New paintings for exhibit

These are the finished paintings for the "Double Exposure" exhibit in Siler City, NC. The exhibit features photographs by fine art photographers and painters' representation of their chosen photograph hanging with the photographers work. Go to and click on "upcoming events" to find out more.

I chose a photo of this Native American Indian in full dress with a small child next to him. I am normally a landscape painter and feel more comfortable drawing people than painting them, so I did a small scratchboard drawing of just the face. The second piece was also going to be a scratchboard, but I ran out of time, so I did it in a loose style in acrylic.

This is only the second scratchboard piece (the one in b&w) that I have ever done. You can also add color using colored inks. So many people have responded favorably to the scratchboard drawing, that I might do many more.
Scratchboard is done on a clay coated panel that is covered in india ink. You use a tool to "scratch" out the image in reverse, revealing the white underneath. More lines scratched means more white revealed. This method is time consuming and once you make a line you can't erase it, but I like the challenge. I think I will do many more!

Here is both pieces framed and ready to go!

"Solemn Warrior"
8 x 10 inches Scratchboard on Panel

"Warrior Heritage"
16 x 12 inches Acrylic on Canvas

Monday, March 08, 2010

New paintings tomorrow

Taking my wife for a doctor visit today, but I will post my paintings from the Double Exposure exhibit tomorrow. I am ready for warm weather so I can get back to working on location.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Library exhibits - something different

Drove in the snow over to Asheboro, NC to hang my paintings at the Asheboro Public Library. It will hang for 2 months. Sales may or may not come from this type of exhibit, but I did it for another reason. This library, and many others, have programs like this with changing art exhibits so people can be exposed to original art. I think this is great because we live in a society where practically everything sold is mass produced, and few people appreciate anything handmade or original anymore. They would rather get something cheap than get something original that will last long enough to be passed down to their family.
Since I am still early in my art career and still learning, my original work is extremely affordable, but many cannot afford original art, and these types of shows let people see and learn more about original work.

While hanging the show, everyone in the whole library kept staring at me because I was making so much noise hammering nails in the display area. Guess I should have been more quiet.
It is a library after all! Below are some pictures of the display.

They use these heavy cork boards to display the work. I had to hammer the nails down and hard to reach the hard surface underneath to make sure they wouldn't fall on someone!