Friday, August 28, 2009

Ocracoke Beach & Painting at 2 AM

"Ocracoke Beach"
5 x 7 inches, Acrylic on Archival Canvas Panel
$50 Unframed
To purchase, send me an email at and I will invoice you through Paypal.
Painted this at 2am this morning from memory of a trip to Ocracoke Island. The color in the pic is a little off, but I didn't feel like Photoshopping it anymore at 3 am. Why painting such crazy hours? Well sometimes, when I can't sleep, I just get inspired to do a quick study like this. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 Studio Sale & August Newsletter

Justin Holdren Fine Art Studio
Studio Newsletter August 2009 - Justin’s website - Justin’s blog

2009 Studio Sale!
I am working on a large body of new work, so I really need space in the studio. This means a great deal for you! I have put up a STUDIO SALE portfolio on my website at . These are small plein air studies or larger, older work that has not sold after making the rounds. I am willing to let people “steal” them to get them out of the studio. Be sure to check them out! All of them have FREE SHIPPING, and if you live in Alamance County, NC I will deliver them.
PLEASE NOTE: As a general rule, I usually sell all of my work at the same price it is sold for in galleries. I do not undercut my galleries. The only difference in price is if a work is not sold with a frame as it is in a gallery. The only exception is a studio sale of this sort where the inventory is older or it is non-gallery ready work.

Monthly Free painting
My monthly painting giveaway starts tomorrow. The painting being given away is shown below. To enter, just shoot me an email with your name and the words “FREE PAINTING” in the email. I will leave the entry time open until Wednesday, Sept. 3 at midnight. Then a name from the entries will be randomly drawn. Good luck!

Visit my blog
Many of you visit my website, but be sure to check out my blog too. I post paintings there that sometimes aren’t put on the website. I also post pictures from my travels, and things about the life I lead as an artist. Check it out at .

Thanks to all who have supported my work as an artist by purchasing. I do not take it for granted!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cleaning out studio - Items for sale!

I am doing the "not so fun" task of cleaning out my studio. I have some art books that I have gotten my use out of and want to sell. The books I have right now to sell are:

  • The Big book of painting nature in oil (Allen Schaeffer) - Excellent book on painting landscapes step by step - Paid 29.95, will sell for 15.00
  • Fill your oil paintings with light and color ( Kevin Macpherson) - Wonderful book on painting with a limited palette and tons of helpful techniques - Paid 19.95, will sell for 10.00
  • Helen Van Wyks Favorite Color Recipes (Helen Van Wyk) - Great book on color recipes and palette strategies on all subjects . Packed full of info! - Paid 19.95 on sale, will sell for $10.00
  • The big book of Art materials - A great guide to art materials and techniques for every medium, Full of great info. - Paid 24.95, will sell for 12.00

All of these books will ship free! I just want my studio cleaned out. I might have more for sale soon! Keep checking!

These items go to the first person to email me at

Monday, August 03, 2009

Hectic week!

Hello all. No new paintings to post today, although I do have some completed I just haven't photographed yet. It has been a hectic couple of weeks! My daughter was in summer playschool, I have been getting new work done and sent to galleries, working on marketing and my web site, the list goes on and on.... New work coming tomorrow, hopefully!