Monday, August 04, 2008

Back from trip and artist's life stuff

Hello friends!
I will be posting some new work and sketches I did on my trip to Ocracoke Island 2 weeks ago. I have been busy catching up on emails, and general studio cleanup. My studio is always a mess after a trip! I still have paintings that I haven't unpacked yet.
My time has also been taken up because I have switched positions at the non-profit ministry I work for, and so I am learning my new responsibilites. But you say, " I thought you were an artist?" Ahhh, I am but I am a young artist who still has not made the plunge to painting full time. Once my pricing gets higher, and I build my collector base a bit more, than that may become a reality. I have a daughter to think about, so at the current time my wife and I must both still work while I continue to sell my work through websites, exhibits, and galleries.
Most artists I know that paint full time, are doing so after "painting on the side" for many years and have built their clientele and gallery relationships. It does take time, but sometimes exceptional talent like that of Scott Burdick or Jeremy Lipking finds collectors very quickly.
If only I was full-time now, but I will keep on painting and doing my best to raise the value of my collector's purchases.
Anyway, hope to have more work posted this week.

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