Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cleaning out studio - Items for sale!

I am doing the "not so fun" task of cleaning out my studio. I have some art books that I have gotten my use out of and want to sell. The books I have right now to sell are:

  • The Big book of painting nature in oil (Allen Schaeffer) - Excellent book on painting landscapes step by step - Paid 29.95, will sell for 15.00
  • Fill your oil paintings with light and color ( Kevin Macpherson) - Wonderful book on painting with a limited palette and tons of helpful techniques - Paid 19.95, will sell for 10.00
  • Helen Van Wyks Favorite Color Recipes (Helen Van Wyk) - Great book on color recipes and palette strategies on all subjects . Packed full of info! - Paid 19.95 on sale, will sell for $10.00
  • The big book of Art materials - A great guide to art materials and techniques for every medium, Full of great info. - Paid 24.95, will sell for 12.00

All of these books will ship free! I just want my studio cleaned out. I might have more for sale soon! Keep checking!

These items go to the first person to email me at

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