Wednesday, September 16, 2009

White Lake Sunrise Study and an Adventure

White Lake Sunrise, 7 x 5 inches, Acrylic on canvas on panel
If you are interested in this study, it will be $50 unframed, but I have to touch it up first because of the adventure I had with this one. Just email me at if you want it.
I painted this study early one morning at white lake during sunrise. I was working quickly to capture the light and the acrylics fought me a little more than my oils - They dry fast, so little time to blend, etc. I finished this up and had lost the sunrise, so I took it back out the next day to add more passages of paint.
Well, I was walking down the boat dock and the winds were intense because of a coming storm and this little painting blew out of my hand right into the water! Without thinking I just jumped down the dock steps into the freezing water to save this one! It's not that it's a masterpiece of mine, but I wanted to use it for reference for a larger I rescued it, and it only got a scratch. These Raymar, museum quality canvas panels are tough! I will post some more studies tomorrow, and then hopefully the larger gallery works I did from them.

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