Friday, October 28, 2011

More fun with Ebay

Click on the link below to see some paintings I have up for auction on Ebay. I know many artists turn their nose up at Ebay, but I have always sold small studies there, not my larger work. These are not paintings that I usually frame up and put in a gallery. They are usually small studies for my larger work. I produce over 100 of these little paintings a year and have found Ebay a good way to get them into homes across the country.
I have had a buyer of a small study on Ebay come to me and buy a larger gallery work, so it is a good way to advertise my studio as well and I enjoy the direct contact with the collectors.
They tell me they enjoy buying the small studies because they can get something original for a good price and they don't want prints.

Click HERE to see what's up for auction. Don't forget to search "Holdren art" from the Ebay home page anytime to see my auctions.

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