Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting the coast

I am working more on a few commissioned marina paintings depicting the marinas and boats of the North Carolina Coast. These are both in progress and not finished, but thought I would show them anyway, so you can see the process. As you can see by the top painting, unless I am working on a really detailed drawing or work on paper, I generally rough in the shapes of the objects with thin paint after toning the canvas to kill the white color. After all, if the boats are going to end up white, I like to start with a warm base to put the white over and I let some of it show through.
I then adjust the drawing of the boat as needed by adding or removing paint when I am painting., but I try to get it as accurate as possible right off, especially on something like these boats where the shapes have to read right.
These are acrylic paintings which are so easily correctable because the paint dries very fast. If I decide I don't like a passage of paint, I can paint over it almost immediatley and correct it.
Hope to show you these fnished in a day or two!

A couple of marina paintings in progress, still a ways to go on both!

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