Friday, January 04, 2013

Goodbye 2012

As I think about the past year, I realize how quickly time has flown. 2012 was a good year and I am truly blessed. In this down economy, my family is still surviving, even thriving a bit. Our second daughter was born in July and she has truly been our joy this year, along with her 5 year old sister.
All the activity and a busy work schedule means that I didn't get as far with my painting as I wanted to this year, but that's ok. I took a step back a bit and really enjoyed the time with my wife and 2 daughters.

 I am still working full time and doing many commissions, so much of my work was contracted work this year and much study work, instead of work that was sent to galleries or put on my website. I painted more studies this year to really grow and improve my work instead of producing a lot for sale. That is a luxury I still have because I haven't left my day job.

 My goal this new year is to paint even more and finish 2 or 3 large projects that will be good for my art career. I also want to continue to push myself in new directions as a painter to really grow and improve with each new work.
Hope everyone has a happy new year!


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