Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas and the beauty of NC

Believe it or not, I am still alive even though I have not done much blogging in the past month. The last few months have been crazy(broken well pump at home, then totaled my car, etc.), but mostly I have been studying in the studio and just trying to really work hard to produce better, more thought out work.
I had a productive meeting with well known artist William Mangum the first week in December. He gave me an honest critique of my work and showed me areas to work on, one of which I knew he was going to say. I often struggle with composition, and how to place the scene, not so much the drawing and such, but the placement of the elements and lines and values that draw people into the scene. He also suggested that I take more risks, which could lead to better structured paintings. To find out more about him visit http://www.williammangum.com/ .

So, I have been painting a lot, but not posting every little thing that comes off the easel since lately they are mostly studies. I will be posting more often in 2011 as I am working on some new projects that I am excited about. Today I will leave you with some photos I took while painting on a private NC property. North Carolina is an artist's dream to paint.

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