Thursday, June 07, 2012

100 Paintings Project. Am I crazy?

Starting the "100 Paintings Project" 

I have had a project idea in mind for awhile now and I finally started prep work for it yesterday. I am going to do 100 small 5 x 7 inch paintings as a mini painting project. These will be a mix of landscape, still life, and paintings with people. I do a lot of small paintings in a year anyway to work out ideas for larger gallery works, so I am used to working small.

My main reason for wanting to do this is not for sales, but for the growth that comes with completing that many paintings. I have sort of hit a plateau lately and these works will be a way to explore many new ideas and methods of working on canvas. I got out some rolls of canvas and used a 5 x 7 panel as a template to draw out the dimensions on loose canvas. I will then mount the finished pieces on gatorfoam or hardboard.

Although I would love to sell each of them as I complete them, I am toying with the idea of holding these back and mounting all 100 in an exhibition and offering them unframed at an affordable price for new collectors. I will let everyone know soon.
Due to the fact that my wife is due any day now with our second child, and I am still holding a day job, I have not set a time limit on myself to finish these, but I would like to have them done by the end of summer and plan an exhibit for fall, just in time for Christmas.
I will post each one I finish here on the blog as I complete them. Keep checking back!

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