Monday, April 29, 2013

Clearwind Farm and Career Changes

Hello all!
Last weekend I had the privilege to paint at beautiful Clearwind Farm in Mebane, NC. This farm is home to the North Carolina Theraputic Riding Center and they had a show and fundraiser this past weekend. Myself and some other artists were invited to paint during the show and we donated some work for a silent auction to help with the fundraiser. to find out more about them visit .
I will post some photos from the event when I get them downloaded from my camera card. Here are some shots I took of the property with my phone.

I was thinking after the event that day, how my freelance art career has changed since the birth of our second daughter last July. I used to try and commit work to every show and invitational event because I was producing a ton of work and trying to gain more sales to keep learning and moving forward. After our second daughter was born and two kids were in the house, things changed!

 We had a lot more on our plate, and I was mostly painting late at night. I couldn't commit to as many shows or finish a solo project that I hoped to exhibit last year, but that's okay. I am learning to make good use of limited time to just slow the pace and improve my work by much study and painting as much as I can.
I am now finding more time to work on some new projects and I will keep you posted!

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