Thursday, May 30, 2013

Traveling light for Ocean Isle trip

I thought I would share some photos of my really light painting setup that I use when I can't lug a bunch of painting gear.

I am headed to the coast of NC in a few days, but because I am traveling with my wife and daughters I don't have room to carry my larger oil and acrylic setup. I also would have to worry about transporting wet paintings with the oils, so I am just taking a small acrylic setup and a watercolor/sketching kit. I am also going to complete mostly small paintings and studies on this trip since I will be painting for a short time each morning before family time. These studies will give me the color information to use on larger paintings, and I will use my photos for the details.

For the acrylics I use this small cigar box (pictured below) that has been converted to a mini paint box to hold my canvas and palette. I can do paintings up to 8" x 10" in size on this box. It has a tripod mount that I use to mount a lightweight tripod or if I am in a tight spot I just rest the box on my lap or on a flat surface. This allows me to do small paintings quickly and is convenient for travel.

My smallest paint box that I use for oils and acrylics when traveling light
The other cigar box (pictured below) that will be in my backpack will contain materials for quick sketches in pen, pencil, and watercolor. It contains a small watercolor set, pencils, and a small pocket watercolor sketchbook. I don't use watercolor that often, but found out that I can keep a minimal amount of materials that almost fit in my pocket with a small watercolor field box with brush and a few pencils. I will probably be doing many sketches in my sketchbook with this setup when I am not painting in acrylics on canvas and board. I will post the sketches and paintings from my trip when I return and will try to post some from the road.

My watercolor and pen/pencil compact sketching kit

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