Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New paintings for exhibit

These are the finished paintings for the "Double Exposure" exhibit in Siler City, NC. The exhibit features photographs by fine art photographers and painters' representation of their chosen photograph hanging with the photographers work. Go to www.ncartsincubator.org and click on "upcoming events" to find out more.

I chose a photo of this Native American Indian in full dress with a small child next to him. I am normally a landscape painter and feel more comfortable drawing people than painting them, so I did a small scratchboard drawing of just the face. The second piece was also going to be a scratchboard, but I ran out of time, so I did it in a loose style in acrylic.

This is only the second scratchboard piece (the one in b&w) that I have ever done. You can also add color using colored inks. So many people have responded favorably to the scratchboard drawing, that I might do many more.
Scratchboard is done on a clay coated panel that is covered in india ink. You use a tool to "scratch" out the image in reverse, revealing the white underneath. More lines scratched means more white revealed. This method is time consuming and once you make a line you can't erase it, but I like the challenge. I think I will do many more!

Here is both pieces framed and ready to go!

"Solemn Warrior"
8 x 10 inches Scratchboard on Panel

"Warrior Heritage"
16 x 12 inches Acrylic on Canvas

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