Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorry for the abscence, trip to Chinqua Penn

The front of the Chinqua Penn Plantation House

Lucinda and Sophia

Me and Sophia in front of the art gallery

Lucinda and Sophia in front of the clock tower, or as Sophia calls it "The Princess Castle"

Sorry for the abscence from the blog lately, but life has been a bit busy. My wife's aunt that was battling cancer passed away and we have been visiting with her sister who took care of her as much as we can. Also, we had a big 3rd birthday party for my daughter this past weekend, and now I have some sort of flu bug/stomach acid reflux thing that has kept me from eating anything substantial for the past 3 days. So anyway, haven't had much painting time to say the least!
I am working on some larger studio pieces that I will show soon, and I hope to get out there to do some plein air painting this weekend.
My wife, daughter, and I visited a cool place this past week. We went to Chinqua Penn Plantation in Reidsville, NC. It is an amazing historical property that was once a private residence. You can tour the house, and enjoy the hundreds of acres of land around it. There are gardens, and many things to look at, and an art gallery among other things. The pics are at the top of this post

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