Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Library exhibits - something different

Drove in the snow over to Asheboro, NC to hang my paintings at the Asheboro Public Library. It will hang for 2 months. Sales may or may not come from this type of exhibit, but I did it for another reason. This library, and many others, have programs like this with changing art exhibits so people can be exposed to original art. I think this is great because we live in a society where practically everything sold is mass produced, and few people appreciate anything handmade or original anymore. They would rather get something cheap than get something original that will last long enough to be passed down to their family.
Since I am still early in my art career and still learning, my original work is extremely affordable, but many cannot afford original art, and these types of shows let people see and learn more about original work.

While hanging the show, everyone in the whole library kept staring at me because I was making so much noise hammering nails in the display area. Guess I should have been more quiet.
It is a library after all! Below are some pictures of the display.

They use these heavy cork boards to display the work. I had to hammer the nails down and hard to reach the hard surface underneath to make sure they wouldn't fall on someone!


Jennifer Young said...

Congrats Justin- It looks great. I know how much work it can be to hang your own show! Thanks for leaving your encouraging works on my blog. I'll be carrying those thoughts forward with me in the months ahead!

Justin Holdren said...

Thanks Jennifer!