Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Start of a Painting

Charcoal study sketch for a painting
I have been painting, just not posting very much. I am trying to wrap up a few pieces that are sitting in the studio in various stages of completion.
Some of you have asked how I start painting. When I am painting on location or in the studio, I usually just start with a sketchy drawing in thin paint to lay out the composition, then start blocking in the painting. I first plan out what I want to do before that step with sketches or color studies, but usually don't do an actual detailed "drawing" on the canvas unless I am painting things like people, buildings, or still life objects.
The sketch above was done as a study for a painting because I am including the boat, which I feel needs to be well drawn, even if I stay loose with the painting itself. For that reason I drew this study to get a feel for the composition.
I will post the paintings I am working on when finished.

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