Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Painting at Celebrity Dairy Farm & Inn

Painted on location Sunday afternoon with 4 other painters at Celebrity Dairy Farm and Inn in Siler City, NC. I got a 9 x12 piece about 80% done because I had to leave after a few hours. I will post the finished painting here this week. Our group will be painting on location around North Carolina and we have a permanent plein air gallery at Courtyard Coffee and Soda Shop in Siler City. Any plein air pieces of mine not there will be at Raleigh Street Gallery down the street from the Coffee Shop.
To find out more about our group and to see more pictures, visit www.ncpaintout.blogspot.com .

My painting about 80% done. Have to tweak the values and colors a little bit because I was in full sun and I keyed some colors too dark.

The back field behind the inn

A great painting subject

The front of the inn

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